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In Memoriam: Tyler David Jones



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October 5, 1992 to September 18, 2009

Angel in the Stars…

A decade gone by.

You are my angel in the stars, pretty boy,

blue-eyed gorgeous, a heart of gold,

and your Disney Goofy toy.

I frequently look up

at the sparkling evening stars in the sky

And wonder, even after ten years,

Why he took you before there was

a proper “goodbye.”

I wasn’t ready for that last farewell,

I guess no one ever is,

so much more to do,

and so many words to learn how to speak.

Autism took your tongue,

but your smile was known by all that worked with you.

“Autism speaks” they say,

we simply have to listen.

Your kind, soft soul and butterfly kisses

will never be forgotten, dear son.

And you continue to touch so many lives

in many F.U.N. ways

especially mine, all my days!

I love you, Tyler Jones,

you are in God’s hands.

A beautiful Angel in the Stars forever…

Love, Mom (and Dad, Lindsey, and Austin)

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