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A Tone-Deaf Message From The Council



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To the Editor:

An open letter to The Legislative Council:

This is in response to the impending tax on paper bags beginning October 28. The personalized customer service we receive from our local Newtown businesses is what gives our community a unique advantage and selling point over e-commerce and big box store reliant communities. The tone-deaf message that this council is sending is one of anti-small business, a disregard and/or ignorance of the cost of living for residents such as the elderly, the middle class, and others on limited fixed incomes.

The Council does this under the guise of claiming to be “progressive” and good stewards of the Earth. Yet their position is forcing the residents to leave the personalized shopping experience in Newtown to shop online and have the same items delivered in a box or plastic bag! Go figure! Newtown residents deserve representatives that serve all of us.

We will not benefit from “progressive” ideas that are not based in scientific fact — just false talking points and political indoctrination. Speaking of scientific facts, the so-called reusable plastic bags are a petri dish of germs. The contamination is equivalent to the bottom of a shoe.

The small businesses of Newtown appreciate their loyal customers. They want to offer biodegradable paper bags and have been told “No” by the council. These small businesses are afraid to speak up because of well-known retaliatory practices. The message is now loud and clear — the council has no problem ruining residents’ livelihoods.

I guess the council members can afford yet another tax. This is what I call a NIMBY — a “not in my backyard” out of touch politician. Do as I say, not as I do. Members of the council probably live in large homes, drive large vehicles, and fly to their vacation destinations without a second thought as to the carbon imprint they are planting on the Earth.

Some say it’s only ten cents for a bag, but isn’t everyone affected when gas goes up by ten cents? What right do members of the council have to regulate local businesses who want to offer their customers a free bag for their patronage?

This council has illuminated just how out of touch they are. What’s even more alarming is that you think it’s a great idea and that you deserve a pat on the back. This council’s mantra is “More taxes, more regulations, no choice, push residents out!”

Your views are quite socialist in nature — Everyone suffers equally, except the ruling class. Remember, capitalism lifts people out of poverty.

I commend Mr Knapp, Mr Wiedemann, Mr Carroll, and Mr Mattegat for their “No” vote. They put themselves in the average person’s shoes and showed compassion and loyalty to all the residents.

I will continue to spread the word on every social media platform and newspaper I can. I am encouraging more residents of Newtown to make their voices heard and to make a commonsense change for the better at the ballot box.


Laurie Stagno

37 Copper Creek Circle, Newtown September 16, 2019

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