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Legislative Council Approves Budget Transfers, Explanatory Ballot Materials



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The Legislative Council passed two budget transfers and authorized the creation of explanatory ballot materials during its in-person meeting at the Municipal Center on September 16. Council members and the public were able to join the meeting remotely by calling in.

For the 2019-20 fiscal year-end budget transfer request, there were two interdepartmental transfers.

Newtown Finance Director Robert “Bob” Tait explained the transfers were $4,000 between two selectman other accounts and $6,000 between fire department accounts.

The council approved the transfers.

Additional new business on the agenda for discussion and possible action included the “resolution to authorize the preparation and printing of nonadvocacy materials related to a local question to consider allowing housing within existing buildings at the Fairfield Hills Campus scheduled for November 3, 2020. Such materials to include mailings, flyers, and posters as well as explanatory text on the ballot. Content of these materials to be approved by the town attorney, subject to CGS 9-369b.”

After the agenda item was read, it was clarified that the revised agenda posted for the evening’s meeting had a typo giving the question’s date as November 16, 2020.

It was also noted that this item pertained specifically to authorizing the creation of the material, not the budget associated for it.

First Selectmen Dan Rosenthal specified that because it is an advisory question on the ballot to essentially poll voters, the text would be created, run by a third party to ensure it is not biased, then the text would accompany the ballots.

He added that he does not anticipate making posters and flyers, but that this authorization would be for the informational text to go with the ballot question.

The Legislative Council passed the agenda item.

The final item up for discussion was the Board of Education non-lapsing account. Members of the Board of Education were present, as well as Superintendent of Schools Dr Lorrie Rodrigue, who called in, to contribute to the conversation.

While the discussion involved whether the council would play a role, if any, relating to the account, it was not tied to action taken by the Board of Finance regarding the non-lapsing account on September 14. See that report today on Page A-1, “School Board’s Surplus Transfer Fails on Tied BOF Vote.”

There were no voter comments during the evening’s meeting.

For more information visit newtown-ct.gov/legislative-council.

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