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The Borough Is Vibrant And Relevant



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To the Editor:

Last week, The Newtown Bee editorial asked whether the time has come to consolidate the government of the Borough of Newtown with that of the Town of Newtown. It begs the question whether this 198 year old “micro” government is relevant in this modern day. As its highest elected official, I declare with pride, that it is. Operating within a current annual budget of $224,000, the board of Burgesses oversees the operation of the fire hydrants, street lights, the care of our Main Street trees and its twelve small properties including the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. We have a separate zoning commission that is dedicated to addressing the strains of development in our small bucolic center. Our Historic District commissioners serve as stewards to preserve the character of our Main Street. Our “Keeper of the Flag,” senior Burgess Chris Gardner, oversees the operations of Newtown’s iconic flagpole.

Our board is committed to pedestrian safety and is constantly discussing the repair and installation of sidewalks. We are currently in the final stages of construction drawings for two ambitious projects in the Borough. They are the installation of 1400’ of sidewalk on the north side of Sugar Street and the reconstruction of the crosswalk at Queen Street and Church Hill Road. Borough residents take pride in hosting Halloween night, the Christmas tree lighting in Ram Pasture with the hundreds of luminaries that brighten the streets, the Labor Day parade, along with many other events.

As a government, we have received funds through the American Rescue Plan Act. To date we have dispersed over $100,000. The recipients include the Edmond Town Hall, Newtown Hook and Ladder, Cyrenius Booth library, the Meeting House and the dam restoration project at Hawley Pond. We seek to assist others with these funds.

The Borough of Newtown is a vibrant and thriving place in the wonderful town of Newtown. I believe that our separate government and its dozens of Borough residents that volunteer their time to its operation, play an integral part in that. We are relevant and together we shall carry on. Thank you.

Jay Maher, Warden

Borough of Newtown

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