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Readers Share What They Are Thankful For



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Through e-mail and social media posts, Newtown Bee readers responded to an invitation to share what they are grateful for these days.

The invitation went out ahead of Monday, September 21, and the observation of World Gratitude Day.

Through our Instagram feed, readers were grateful “to live in a town where I can get support from my neighbors and know if I’m in need I can go to them,” “my husband,” “and my health, my family, [and] living and working in a place with people who care.”

Dr Robert Emmons also responded through that option, saying he was grateful The Newtown Bee “was calling attention to gratitude, the greatest of the virtues!”

Joy Kopesky is grateful “for a million things — literally,” she shared via e-mail.

One of the biggest things she is happy about is that “no war is being waged on American soil. I am also grateful that we haven’t had a war on our soil in my lifetime. I realize this fact might not be at the forefront of most Americans’ thoughts, but the horrible havoc that war brings seems far worse to me than anything else we are facing now.”

She also thanked The Newtown Bee “for telling Newtown about World Gratitude Day.

“If everyone tried keeping a Journal of Gratitude, the world would be a better place — and it’s pretty good already!”

Responding through Facebook, Sue Lyle said she is grateful for her preemie granddaughter “that’s finally home,” Bridget Seaman said she is grateful “for the (mostly) wonderful weather we’ve had this year,” and Laura Lerman was grateful for the weekend her family spent together to celebrate the Jewish New Year 5780.

“We have another chance to look forward to a better year. L’shana Tova,” Lerman added.

Julie vanderKroef is grateful, she said, “for God’s grace. He wants us to get to know Him, He guides us through His Spirit to a better life filled with peace and purpose.”

Others were very happy for general health or specific celebrations.

Laurie Badick noted that while COVID-19 is deadly, “I thank God every day that he has spared my family and myself from it.”

Likewise, Christy Nieves said she was grateful for her family’s health and happiness.

Cancer survivor Doreen Kelleher appreciates “everyone who wears a mask. Thank you for the peace of mind,” she noted.

Appropriately, the final comment on our Facebook post came from Marjorie Pineau Carroll, who noted:

“Every day we need to be grateful.”

Autumnal hues color the hydrangea at Hawley Pond last week, when Newtown Bee readers were asked to share what they are grateful for. —Bee Photo, Hicks
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