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BOS Candidate Shares Positions On Schools



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To the Editor:

Dan Cruson and I believe that Newtown residents deserve to know where the candidates for First Selectman and Selectman stand on important town services. So, for the next month, we’ll share our thoughts. This week, I will address schools.

Dan and I recognize that a quality educational system is an important part of our community. Good schools bring value to residential property, and the families who are drawn here by the reputation of our schools are also major drivers of the local economy. Whether young or old, residents benefit from quality schools: Newtown’s educational system is the launchpad for our children and youth to adult life; and the district is the single largest employer in Newtown.

While Selectmen do not have oversight over district operations, they can influence the integration of services between the town and the schools.

*How and when capital improvement projects are incorporated into the town’s overall plan and how projects are funded and executed are dependent on the Selectmen having an appreciation for district operations.

*Similarly, maintenance of roads in inclement weather affects whether students and staff can safely get to school (and residents to work).

*As responsibility for safety and security has shifted to the district, coordination and communication between town and district is more important than ever. We need close cooperation between the First Selectman and the Superintendent of Schools as well as frequent training exercises and communication between municipal and district personnel.

Which candidates are committed to fostering these important collaborations to ensure the safety of students and staff?

Dan and I are.

We are committed to using our combined 17 years of experience with policy, budgeting, contract negotiation, security matters, and long-term facility planning to use resources most effectively for the betterment of all of Newtown.

Michelle Embree Ku


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