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Solar At Batchelder



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To the Editor:

Recently there was a letter suggesting that the Batchelder site on Swamp Road be considered as a location for a solar installation. I just wanted to follow up to let people know that this is part of our overall plan for the Sustainable Energy Commission to increase our solar production in Newtown.

Our estimate is that the location will be able to handle a 2 MW system that would be double the size of the array that we currently have at the Transfer Station.

At this time our intention is to be able to set this up as a Community Solar location that residents can participate in.

Although some of the remediation has been done there is still more to do. Once that is accomplished we can start to move ahead.

Approximately 84% of our municipal electric usage is derived from solar energy. Overall as a town that number is approximately 13%.

Anyone interested in reducing their energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint should check out EnergizeCT.com and CTGreenbank.com

Kathleen Quinn

Chair — Newtown Sustainable Energy Commission

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  1. tomj says:

    Ok, can you explain the 84% municipal electric usage and 13% for the town? I assume Newtown must be at the forefront of solar energy? I mention this because when I tried to fact-check your statistics I see that as a state (Source: US Energy Information Administration Data System, Connecticut Energy consumption estimates, 2022) only 1.41% of our power comes from renewables like solar.

    This is why all-electric cars frustrate me. Individuals claim they are basically getting power from wind/sun or other renewables. The fact is, if you have an electric car in Connecticut it is overwhelmingly powered by non renewable sources such as; Natural Gas (45%, nuclear 25%, motor gasoline 21%, and diesel fuel 14%.

    Think about that for a minute, if you have an electric car 35% of your electricity comes from liquid petroleum (gas/diesel).

    1. nb.john.voket says:

      tomj – if you are inclined, please reference this among our latest reports clarifying some of the hyperlocal solar benefits that may positively impact – or at least mitigate – related local property tax increases – if you live in Newtown: https://www.newtownbee.com/03082021/solar-energy-produces-a-bright-future-for-newtown/

      Or, just run the word ‘solar’ in the Bee’s search box and you’ll get over a decade’s worth of reporting on how Newtown is among CT communities – as you said it – ‘at the forefront of solar energy’.

  2. tomj says:

    John, Thank you, you are correct. I still am against the project but you have confirmed my assumptions about the town’s placement within the market. Thank you!

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