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Reelect Mitch Bolinsky



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To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse my neighbor and friend Mitch Bolinsky. Mitch has a solid record working hard for the people of Newtown. When the governor was going to push the millions upon millions of teacher pension cost (that is a state obligation) onto local municipalities, Mitch was there to help stop it. This would have been a devastating blow to Newtown had it gone through. With the state’s budget woes, don’t be surprised if the governor goes for it again.

There have been countless times that people ask for help from Mitch that he jumps right in to help them with their particular problem, whether it is a local issue or bringing it up in Hartford. Mitch has worked tirelessly and has always been a great advocate for our seniors. He has always been fighting hard to bring municipal and education resources back to Newtown and has many years of success in this due to his experience and passion to help his hometown — Newtown.

Please join me in reelecting Mitch to the house of Representatives 106th, as he is what Newtown needs.

Philip Carroll

1 Fieldstone Drive, Newtown September 30, 2020

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