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Top Five NewtownBee.com Stories For September 20-26



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Each week we compile a list of the most read stories published at newtownbee.com. Here is a roundup of the week’s top five stories, based on the number of page reads.

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“As Schools Convene In A COVID Era, What Are The Best Mask Options?” by John Voket, published September 5. As local schools ready for reopening and a fair number of Newtown’s college students return to campuses across the country and beyond, it remains clear that face coverings will play a critical role in keeping COVID-19 transmission rates low. Read more at newtownbee.com/09052020/as-schools-convene-in-a-covid-era-what-are-the-best-mask-options.

“Following Apology, Harriman-Stites Calls Out ‘Sexist, Misogynistic’ Language In Bolinsky Facebook Post,” by John Voket, published September 22. Democratic Statehouse candidate Rebekah Harriman-Stites and many of her supporters were riled by a Facebook post generated Sunday, September 20, that she said contained “sexist and misogynistic” inferences. Read more at newtownbee.com/09222020/following-apology-harriman-stites-calls-out-sexist-misogynistic-language-in-bolinsky-facebook-p.

“Utility Authority Sides With Newtown, Neighbors On Storm Relief Request,” by John Voket, published September 24. Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is siding with Newtown, Ridgefield, and New Fairfield on a recently filed legal brief requesting relief in anticipation of future storms that may involve significant power interruptions because of downed trees, wires, and other electrical infrastructure. Read more at newtownbee.com/09242020/utility-authority-sides-with-newtown-neighbors-on-storm-relief-request.

“Newtown COVID-19 Cases Edge Past 300 Mark As US Deaths Exceed 200,000,” by John Voket, published September 24. Newtown officials crossed a COVID-19 benchmark this week they had hoped never to see. Read more at newtownbee.com/09242020/newtown-covid-19-cases-edge-past-300-mark-as-us-deaths-exceed-200000.

“Hayes Tests Positive For COVID-19,” by Shannon Hicks, published September 20. Congresswoman Jahana Hayes has tested positive for COVID-19. The Congresswoman issued a statement after learning of her test results. Read more at newtownbee.com/09202020/hayes-tests-positive-for-covid-19.

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