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NEW YORK CITY — Dillon Gallery is presenting the photographic work of Jean Kallina and Andrew Woffinden in an exhibition titled “Timeline.” Both of these photographers capture a specific moment in time, while exploring the inherent contradictions found within the medium of photography. The exhibit will be on view to October 27.

Kallina captures the essence of the picturesque, in which she provides a nostalgic look toward an aesthetic ideal. With a reminiscing eye, looking at times past, Kallina lets the viewer experience beauty and sublimity, but her photographs also function as a glimpse of seized time; thus making the viewer acutely aware of time’s fleeting quality.

After attending the Museum of Fine Arts School in Houston, Kallina worked on many collaborative projects with artists such as Julian Schnabel and David Salle. Kallina’s work is represented in the collections of the Whitney Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Princeton Art Museum and the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.

Woffinden’s photographs begin with the camera, but his final images transgress the fundamental conventions of the photographic medium. Through the photographer’s use of motion and the layering of multiple images, he breaks down the stark objectivity of the lens in favor of an abstracted subjectivity, to evoke the innate quality of his referenced subject.

Born in 1975 in Yorkshire, England, Andrew Woffinden currently lives and works in New York City and London.

While both photographers work within the recognized format of the photographic medium; Kallina concentrates upon form, whereas Woffinden, emphasizes movement. Woffinden’s photographs are made, Kallina’s photographs are taken.

Dillon Gallery is at 555 West 25th Street. For information, www.dillongallery.com or 212-727-8585.

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