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A Great Day To PaintTo the Editor:



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A Great Day To Paint

To the Editor:

It started with Steve D’Amico (D’Amico Painting) sending a crew out to pressure wash the exterior. That weekend, 12 volunteers (men, women, and high school students) spent 4 hours scraping the siding and caulking the windows, doors, and corner boards. Finally, this past Saturday, 18 volunteers with eight ladders and nine gallons of Sherwin Williams Duration paint (Rovero Painting) were to paint this entire house, including trim, in only three and one half hours. The house looks great!

On behalf of the Knights of Columbus, Virgilius Council # 185, I wish to thank all of those volunteers who participated in this project. May God bless the volunteers and their families that donated their time to paint the house of this widow that was... at our Gate.


Mark Dennen

Old Green Road, Sandy Hook                               October 2, 2000

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