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Easements Are Public Access To the Editor:



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Easements Are Public Access

To the Editor:

This is written in response to the individual who complained about being denied access to Newtown Bridle Trails property. I have never owned a horse, but I really see her point. I, personally, am sick and tired of “Westport Wannabbes” moving up here and ignoring what their high-priced lawyers should have told them about easements on their property. Why am I, and all the other taxpayers in town, paying a town lawyer to prove that what was deeded to the town is really deeded to the town? Note to homeowners on these sites: I will be walking up these easements soon. Be prepared to call the police. I know most of them; DO YOU? If I see any “hindrances” that you have placed on town easements, I will gladly call the police ON YOU. It’s about time to meet fire with fire.

Jaynis Pixley

48 Bear Hills Road, Newtown                        September 30, 2000

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