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To the Editor:

As with last spring’s referendum, when voters came out overwhelmingly in support of funding the Newtown High School Expansion, Newtown’s Parent Teacher Associations (and the Newtown High School Parent Teacher Student Association Executive Board) have come together to both support the effort and educate the town.

One product of this townwide cooperation is the creation of a blog dedicated to educate residents about the high school expansion. It features Frequently Asked Questions including residents’ tax implications, explanation of the additional $6 million required, and even blueprints of the design. We encourage you to go to www.expansionnhs.blogspot.com to learn more and make an educated decision on October 7.

Please join us in moving the Newtown High School expansion forward by voting Yes and taking the first step in providing our children with a quality education and securing our town’s future.

Jen Scarangella

Head O’Meadow PTA Co-President  Tracy Holman

Head O’Meadow PTA Co-President

14 Poor House Road, Newtown                           September 30, 2008

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