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Meeting Challenges Together



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To the Editor:

I would like to thank all of the guest speakers (our valuable town resources), NSC staff, and volunteers for taking time out of their busy schedules in making the Annual TRIAD crime prevention program, "Shades of Purple," a success.

A standing room only crowd!

The problems of this rapidly growing population [of the aging], ranging from abuse to financial fraud and scams to disruptive behavior, are varied and complicated, calling for a wide array of skills and related knowledge.

Meeting these challenges also requires new approaches and a much higher degree of collaboration than has been the norm.

Overall effectiveness in protecting the elderly and those with dementia is through collaboration with police, senior services, social services, social workers, and business communities. Communication with adult protective service workers, emergency and medical personnel can help identify and respond to crime.

By sharing responsibilities and working together we are pooling resources to provide better service to our senior community.

Thank you!

Marilyn Place

Director of Senior Services

14 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook         October 3, 2017

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