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Bolinsky Helps Navigate DMV Maze
By Dale N. Walter



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To the Editor:

State Representative Mitch Bolinsky helped our daughter obtain a driver's license after we spent fruitless weeks trying to navigate the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles] bureaucracy. Mitch operates a private driving school, and his knowledge about the DMV proved to be invaluable. His aid came at a time when the Democrat Andres Ayala, Jr, who had been appointed by Governor Malloy as head of the DMV, was counseling his DMV workers not to reveal that a major reason people couldn't obtain licenses and other valuable services was because the agency was so busy granting drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. Eventually, Ayala resigned from office as DMV Commissioner because of its embarrassing descent into incompetency, which was exacerbated by the agency's failure to properly implement a new computer system. And now we learn that Ayala was granted probation after being found guilty of fraudulent electoral fundraising.

It is vital that effective, fiscally conservative Republican legislators such as Mitch Bolinsky be reelected. We can't afford continued control by tax-and-spend Democrats who are driving more businesses and productive people out of our state.

Dale N. Walter

19 Fairchild Drive, Newtown         October 5, 2016

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