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Support Tony Hwang For Senator
By Robert H. Hall



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To the Editor:Bee readers to get to know your state senator, Tony Hwang, and to support him for reelection on Election Day, November 8. I have known Tony Hwang for many years. He served in the Connecticut House of Representatives for three terms before following in John McKinney's footsteps to the Senate.

I am writing to urge all

His life history is outstanding. He emigrated to the US from Taiwan when he was 9 years old, not able to speak or read English. The family settled in Watertown, N.Y., where he attended school while taking English as a second language. He obviously did well, because after graduating from a high school in Syracuse, he attended and graduated from Cornell University.

This shows grit and determination and a commitment to succeed in life. He brings the same character traits to his position as state senator. He represents all of Newtown, Easton, and Fairfield, together with parts of Weston and Westport as senator from the 28th District. Tony is a fixture at activities taking place in these towns. He has partnered with our Newtown State Representatives Mitch Bolinsky, J.P. Sredzinski, and Dan Carter (now running for US Senate), which means that he is paying attention to the needs of Newtown.

I urge you to vote on November 8, and to vote for Tony Hwang for State Senate.


Robert H. Hall

5 Nettleton Avenue, Newtown         October 5, 2016

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