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Autumnal And Mythical Festivities At HVWS



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As leaves drifted in the day’s warm breeze, Housatonic Valley Waldorf School’s “dragons,” “trees,” and “angels” participated in a game on September 27 for its annual Michaelmas festival.

Students, faculty, and family members gathered behind the school for the day’s celebrations.

A description for the event reads, “The Michaelmas festival honors St Michael, the mythical dragon-slayer astride a white steed, who bears a mighty iron sword flashing like a meteor. Michael’s legend symbolizes the autumnal resurgence of human strength, willpower, and striving to overcome our inner Dragons — laziness, greed, doubt, fear of the future — who may have crept over us unnoticed during summer’s dreamy warmth and forgetfulness. Every September, our school honors the Michaelmas festival with songs, games, and a wonderful play featuring the grade school students.”

The “Angels, Trees, and Dragons” game began the day’s events. Fifth grade teacher Leslie Lew oversaw the game, as younger grades lined up to test their wits and speed against the school’s eighth graders, who were situated in the school’s field. The younger students were tasked with running past the eighth graders to collect gemstones. Along the way, the younger students could face eighth grade “dragons,” be helped by “angels,” or find shelter near a “tree.”

After the game, students formed a line and played instruments around the outer perimeter of the field. The sound of chimes and plucked strings echoed as the students walked silently by the gathered onlookers. Later, students participated in a traditional play that shared the story of St Michael defeating a dragon.

Students and faculty members also sang songs during the event, and a picnic was held after school was dismissed for the day.

Housatonic Valley Waldorf School students Olivia Setkoski, left, and Scarlett Settanni play instruments with their schoolmates as part of the September 27 Michaelmas festival. —Bee Photos, Hallabeck
A fearsome dragon enters during a Michaelmas play at Housatonic Valley Waldorf School on September 27.
Housatonic Valley Waldorf School student Jonah Rodrigues, right, reacts to being tagged by a “dragon,” played by student Aine Ancona, in the September 27 Michaelmas game.
Housatonic Valley Waldorf School second grade students run as they enter the “Angels, Trees, and Dragons” game, played each year for the school’s Michaelmas celebration.
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