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Jahana Hayes — ‘Passion And Pride’



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To the Editor:

Our 5th District Congresswoman Jahana Hayes has NEVER supported “defunding the police,” and considering that her husband spent 25 years on the Waterbury police force, it is insulting that her opponent is smearing her record with that false accusation.

I was present at a recent gathering of candidates in Salisbury to hear Representative Hayes’ own words, spoken with passion and pride:

“For 25 years, I prayed that my husband would come home safely, and I relied on the officer next to him to have his back. I know what the job entails and I have worked during my time in Congress to support law enforcement.”

Check the Hayes’ record: In her Congressional role she has brought millions of dollars to police departments in the district. …This year’s budget provides for: Wolcott ($3.2 million), New Fairfield ($2.1 million), Watertown ($3 million), and for police/community programs in New Britain ($15,000), and Waterbury PAL ($171,000). (She emphasizes that these funds are not disbursed yet, but in this year’s federal budget.) She has voted to save police pensions and mental health support, and to re-establish trust between police and communities they serve.

Anyone serious about well-funded, just police protection should vote for Jahana Hayes on November 8.

Joanne Hayhurst


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