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Supporting Tim Gavin For Senate



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To the Editor:

Election season seems to be in full swing with yard signs popping up, mailers arriving daily, and politicians consistently featured on TV and radio. While these may be reminders that election day is approaching, voters need to make sure they understand the ideology of each candidate.

For the CT State Senate’s 28th District one candidate stands out.

Captain Tim Gavin has clearly articulated his position on critical issues facing all of us — reproductive health freedoms, gun violence prevention and safeguarding our democracy. His personal and professional experiences inform his views on these issues as well as others, such as our economy, internet safety, and education. As someone born and raised in Connecticut, an Army veteran and reservist, and someone with a track record of community service, he is uniquely qualified to represent Newtown.

Despite numerous requests for Tony Hwang to state his views on specific questions posed by constituents, he has not. In reviewing his voting record (a quick internet search should help you locate it) you’ll perhaps find some insights into his thoughts on specific topics and his views on other issues (including his votes against increasing the minimum wage and against enacting paid family and medical leave, which disproportionately impacts women who tend to serve in caregiving roles).

However, it doesn’t explain why he won’t provide a public statement on key issues or speak out against election-deniers and extremists looking to undermine our democracy.

It used to be said that there were national issues and local issues. Now we can see all issues are local and every local and state-wide seat on the ballot matters. Every. Single. One.

I am proud to support Tim Gavin. I’m confident once you do your own research (you can find more information on his campaign website), you’ll support him too.

When will you vote during the Tuesday November 8 election? Please plan ahead.

Doria Linnetz


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