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To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Ms Ferguson’s letter [The Newtown Bee, “Writer Speculates: Does Rebekah Like Newtown?”, October 16, 2020] questioning if a candidate for State Rep likes Newtown.

As someone who knows Rebekah, has spoken with her, and seen her in action, let me be clear that unlike Ms Ferguson, I don’t need to speculate. I can state with full confidence that Rebekah not only “likes” Newtown, but loves this community and would fight for us every day in the legislature.

How do I know this? For the past five years she has served on the Newtown Board of Education, including serving as vice-chair. This thankless volunteer position requires an enormous time commitment — but there is Rebekah, every step of the way, with an energy and passion doing what’s best for Newtown’s teachers and students. She was also a founding member of the My Sandy Hook Family Fund after 12/14, ensuring money was given directly to affected families. She is a supporter of Newtown’s small businesses, taking time in her campaign to highlight weekly those owned by women.

This is in contrast to her opponent, who voted against the funding to rebuild Sandy Hook School, and then voted for a bill that raised our electric rates this past summer as part of a bailout for an electricity plant in another town.

We all make our decision on who to vote for differently. Some vote based on personality or party, some on a single issue, others on an experience they’ve had with a candidate. But if you’re choosing who to vote for based on who “likes Newtown” I think the choice is clear. Rebekah is the candidate whose record, dedication, and enthusiasm show that she cherishes this community, and she is the one who deserves our support in this election.


Maribeth Hemingway

10 Overlook Knoll, Sandy Hook October 16, 2020

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