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Cruson Encourages Developing Vision Through POCD



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To the Editor:

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Newtown’s character, including its historic architecture and open spaces, needs to be preserved. At the same time we need to continue to progress as a town or we will find an ever-increasing burden on residential taxpayers. The question is, how do we balance these two things, as they are not mutually exclusive?

If you have talked with me over the past few weeks, you have probably heard me speak to some variation of this. It is what the concept of Smart Development means to me. Newtown is a large town with different areas, each with their own individual charms. What is right for one area of town is not necessarily right for another. Main Street is one of the biggest areas that people talk about, and having a large, high density apartment complex built along it doesn’t fit with the appeal of that area. However, the RV dealership that was built in front of the transfer station was more appropriate, as it went on a piece of property that had previously housed a sizable warehouse.

The town has begun the process of revising its Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD), which by state statute must be revised at least every ten years. This document exists to detail a vision for the town going into the next ten years and should be used to guide municipal decision-making. The process will involve a chance for residents to make their voices heard, and I encourage everyone to take that opportunity to participate. I personally am looking forward to hearing the community’s input on the vision for Newtown through this process.

Then when it comes time for me to take part, I am committed to seeing the process through so that we have a clear vision of what Newtown should look like in the coming decade.

Dan Cruson


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  1. ryan knapp says:

    Interesting considering Dan has been campaigning with Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, who is one of the biggest advocates for the state to take away away local control in zoning and move this decision making to bureaucrats in Hartford.

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