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Vote For Cruson And Ku November 7



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To the Editor:

The November 7 election in Newtown, Conn., holds immense importance for our community’s future. In these crucial moments, we must make informed decisions that will benefit Newtown. The Democratic candidates, with their dedication to our town’s well-being, offer a promising path forward.

Dan Cruson’s candidacy for first selectman stands out for his experience and leadership in financial management, promising balanced growth for Newtown. Alongside Michelle Embree Ku as selectman, they are poised to prioritize the residents’ well-being and preserve our unique community spirit.

A key element of this election is the opportunity to shield Newtown from divisive national agendas that can seep into local politics. Supporting these committed Democratic candidates ensures that our decision-making remains grounded in our community’s values and needs.

I urge all Newtown residents to exercise their right to vote on November 7 and support these promising Democratic candidates. Together, we can shape a brighter, more prosperous future for Newtown, reflecting our shared values and aspirations.


Tulio Lopez


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