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To the Editor:

Some people think the offices of Selectmen shouldn’t be partisan. In these bitterly partisan times, who can blame them? Politicians refuse to accept the outcome of elections they lost, and their followers believe their lies. Even in Newtown, there are people in public office who seem to be following national partisan scripts, instead of prioritizing what is best for Newtown.

In these times, we need leaders whose loyalty is to our town, not to a national party. We need leaders who listen to all sides and make thoughtful decisions based on what is best for Newtown. We need Dan Cruson, Michelle Embree Ku, and all the outstanding candidates on Row A.

Dan was born and raised here in Newtown. His father was the town historian, so he grew up steeped in Newtown’s history and strong emphasis on community. As a father himself, and a business owner, he understands how difficult it can be to afford to raise a family and run a small business here. Dan is an independent thinker and a centrist, who rejects the extremes of both parties. Sometimes he agrees with Republicans, sometimes he agrees with Democrats; his loyalties are, and have always been, to Newtown.

Michelle Embree Ku is a natural leader. She is really smart, and she sees right to the heart of the issues that are important to our town. She doesn’t let outside partisan influences sidetrack her from what is needed. She’s deeply caring and respectful, and a careful listener who wants to make sure her decisions are the best for Newtown and all its residents.

In this era of hyper-partisan extremism, Dan, Michelle and their team are who we need to lead Newtown. Please vote Row A on November 7.

Thank you,

Betsy Litt


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