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Enthusiastic Support For Sullivan



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To the Editor:

I write in enthusiastic support of David Sullivan for 5th District Congressman. He listens well, acts effectively, and brings to Washington a desperately needed problem-solver approach.

He is an active listener, listening for facts, areas of agreement, possible solutions, and has already been in every 5th District town, meeting people and visiting businesses in a COVID-compliant manner.

Getting to know over 40 towns, their people and communities, values and needs cannot be done simply by staff. The depth of knowledge gained has a direct impact on an elected official’s judgement and effectiveness in the district and also in Washington. In Congress there are two ways to manage your time: One focuses on today’s ideologically fierce politics; the other focuses on the process of law making in an era of very complex issues with potentially harsh impacts on one’s constituents. To enable our children to inherit a healthy democracy, make no mistake… we have to get back to electing people who understand and love the demands of representational work over political correctness.

For our future I urge you to support David Sullivan for Congress in the 5th District.

Nancy L. Johnson

310 Seabury Drive, Bloomfield, Conn. October 19, 2020

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  1. julieetroy says:

    I am wondering if Ms. Johnson has perused the FB page of Mr. Sullivan. It is chock full of derogatory, inflammatory, and disrespectful comments. If a candidate cannot control his own political FB page, that should be concerning to constituents who would support him to be the voice of Connecticut’s 5th congressional district.

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