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Neighbor, Friend, And Caring Representative



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To the Editor:

My name is David Landau, and while I am president of the Newtown Board of Realtors, I am not writing to you today in that capacity or on behalf of the board, rather I address you as a fellow Newtown resident.

I have known Mitch Bolinsky for eight years; not only are we neighbors, but we have become friends. We pass Mitch and his wife, Luisa, on our cul de sac walking our dogs, and we have had great conversations just getting the mail.

Over the years I have seen Mitch go to bat for Newtown residents time and time again, whether it’s his persistence on helping our senior residents, or just helping someone in town who has a specific need. I can think of no one better to represent all citizens of Newtown, and his experience and resume speak for themselves.

As our representative, Mitch has served on the Education Committee, where he works on critical issues for Newtown children. Through Mitch, Newtown has a voice in that important committee where he hears and collaborates on bills that set policy statewide. As Connecticut’s financial woes create massive budget pressures, Mitch has fought and saved millions in funding for our children’s schools. He has secured many grants for our community.

I know Mitch is quite proud of the work he has done for the Special Education community, from the many bills he has passed to co-founding the IDD Caucus.

Mitch is a caring person who always seeks to help those in need. He is a kind neighbor and a great friend.

Please join me in supporting Mitch on November 3rd.

Thank you.

David Landau

13 Wiley Lane, Newtown October 21, 2020

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