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Supports Reelection Of Bolinsky



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To the Editor:

I would like to extend my support for the reelection of Mitch Bolinsky as our State Representative. Gracious, sincere, patient, and kind, Mitch has proven time and time again he strives to represent every citizen of Newtown, and represent us well. He has spent countless, tireless hours answering constituent e-mails and phone calls, helping where a need has arisen, and championed the best interests of our town in Hartford. His record speaks for itself. He has also gladly and enthusiastically attended numerous school and town events, cheering on students, honoring veterans, encouraging all by his attentive and joyful presence.

I have greatly appreciated the time he has taken to hear my concerns, the prompt way he has responded, and the sincere way he has helped. Mitch has been very consistent, responding many times over the years. His constituent engagement is unparalleled and greatly appreciated. I truly feel represented in Hartford. I look forward to casting my vote for Mitch and know he will continue his wonderful efforts for all of Newtown.


Jane Brady

12 Fawnwood Road, Sandy Hook October 27, 2020

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