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Two Proposals In One?



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To the Editor:

This is the question that appears on the Newtown ballot for the 2020 election November 3rd:

“Shall the town of Newtown consider commercial proposals at the Fairfield Hills campus that include a housing component, provided that a housing component would be limited to no more than two of the existing buildings, and that the renovation is consistent with the architectural vision for the property.”

I object to tying these two very separate proposals together into one question. I am in favor of future commercial proposals consistent with the concept and vision of the property but I am not in favor of housing. This wording unfairly loads the question. If you do not favor housing then by default you are also voting against commercial proposals.

You should be able to select one without the other.

Jim Wright

Tamarack Road, Newtown October 26, 2020

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  1. debz says:

    Commercial use that does not include housing is already allowed, see “permitted uses” section in the Fairfield Hills Adaptive Reuse Zone (https://ecode360.com/34497481). Mixed use, i.e., like proposals described in the ballot question that include commercial with housing, are not allowed.

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