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Parent Connection Lease Of Duplexes Moves Closer To Approval



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“It’s a good lease,” said Fairfield Hills Authority member Ross Carley, regarding an agreement now being finalized between Newtown Parent Connection (NPC) and the town.

Its terms have been approved by the Fairfield Hills Authority, but the lease is still in draft format, said Director of Economic and Community Development Elizabeth Stocker.

The Board of Selectmen also reviewed the lease in mid-October, as it moved through the approval process that includes a public hearing, which Ms Stocker hopes to schedule in the coming weeks.

Ms Stocker said, “We are very supportive of this.”

Newtown Parent Connection, (Newtownparentconnection.org) is a non profit “grassroots organization established by concerned parents and other informed citizens of Newtown, to address the problem of substance use and abuse among young people in our community.” It seeks to renovate and occupy space in the duplex buildings at Fairfield Hills. A $500,000 grant is available for this work.

Also according to the site,NPC recognizes now, more than ever, the need to embrace all families, especially those impacted by the traumatic events of December 14, 2012.  The organization has expanded its vision to build and finance a permanent wellness, prevention and recovery support infrastructure for young people and families in the Newtown community.

Describing the scope of work, Ms Stocker said the first floor will be opened up and used for meeting space. Utilities must go in, and the facility may require a new roof. Second floor upgrades are also part of plans. “We will see how far they can take renovations on second floor,” with funds available, Ms Stocker said.

The approved terms of the lease state that the town would be the landlord to tenant  — Newtown Parent Connection  — for the premises known as duplex 63R and 64L, 2 and 4 Washington Square in Fairfield Hills for the purpose of conducting non-profit activities.

Lease will be for 10 years at $1 per year rent, and thereafter, the agreement allows the option of two renewals for an additional ten years each, for terms to be decided upon / negotiated at that time.

The lease calls for the tenant shall pay common area charges of $1,900 a year, payable semi-annually. The Newtown Parent Connecticut may use common area parking.

The Parent Connection  will pay the cost of bringing utilities (sewer, water, electric, gas, telecommunications) to the premises.

The tenant shall pay its own utility bills, and maintain the property. If the NPC is unable to maintain ongoing operations, the duplex will revert back to the town. No subleasing is permitted without the landlord’s permission.

The lease terms had been approved by the Fairfield Hills Authority in late August.

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