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The 6th of October: Robert Louis Rau (June 1930-October 2023)



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Dearest Bob,

It was always your choice for us to get an early start when traveling over a weekend.

True to habit, you departed in the early morning hours of Friday, the 6th of October accompanied by your heaven-bound angels.

During the days prior … ALL the kids came to see you.

Happy days indeed, a big smile on your face.

I recall you took my hand and said thank you for a last visit with the kids.

You were a wonderful Dad to Tina, Rebecca, Rob, Robin and John, giving each counsel, comfort and praise over the years.

They so knew you were always there for them.

How you enjoyed the Tuesday lunches with Rebecca.

The weekend gab sessions with Rob whenever a Seattle or Cincinnati sports team was playing.

Tina calling to share stories of her new house and its gardens in New Hampshire.

We are blessed to have Howie, Valerie and Yvonne grow the Family.

You were a loving, fun grandfather to Matthew, Christopher, Hunter and John.

Logging a kazillion hours on miniature golf courses with them.

Retrieving many a ball from the water hazards for anxious little boys.

Not to mention the buckets of golf balls you lugged around the driving ranges.

You were the patient master of tying shoelaces as Rebecca well remembers.

You were our home pool lifeguard.

Matt and Chris always in the water by 8:00 am, you a coffee in hand.

A swim buddy to Hunter doing laps followed by an ice cream at the Holy Cow stand.

Always smiling as you watched young John riding his porpoise float around the pool, learning to swim.

Lest we forget, the masterful pillow tunnels John built throughout the house!

How we laughed when Matt and Chris took forever choosing just the right toy to buy with the $20 you gave each of them topping off a weekend sleepover.

And both guys are alumni of the Easy Bake Oven era. Yum?

The delish cherry pies you made in tandem with our young foodie, John. A childhood throwback dessert of yours.

That science project that ran amuck when John took a hammer to it per your direction. Boom!

Attending Hunter’s School of Rock shows.

How we so loudly and proudly applauded his guitar performances!

Today they are four wonderful young men, our pride and joy!

The enjoyable luncheons at Robin and John’s house watching Sunday TV. The Parcheesi and Checkers challenges and Robin’s brownies.

We never missed John’s Sunday morning flag football games. Well, almost never. He was quite the team player.

The wonderful Family BBQs, Birthdays and Holiday parties at John’s and Jackie’s!! Can’t forget Chef John’s three foot radius kitchen rule! And Jackie’s amazing desserts.

Your service to our wonderful Newtown community as the Economic Development Commission Chairman has a place on its pages of prosperity and gratitude.

We so enjoyed the beautiful Lake house Family dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas especially those shared with Mema and Oma.

You seated at the head of our table, your traditional toast at the ready and our family eagerly waiting to applaud you and eat.

Thank you for 27 years of joy, adventures, laughter, our daily cocktail hour, New York City nights, midnight swims and MOST of all the love we will ALWAYS share.

Next spring you will return home to Cincinnati reuniting with your Mom and Dad, Aunt Friedel and Uncle Herman.

We had a loving and lovely life together.

Dear one, you will be missed every day and always in our hearts ♥️

Love you



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