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The Essence Of Freedom



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The Essence Of Freedom

To the Editor:

Opinions and views regarding local issues and local politics are among the driving forces of any community. During the political season they are emphasized and spark debate and inform the public. They serve to clarify as well as question. The most important input, however, that citizens have is when they exercise their voting privilege. It is vital for Newtown that all who read the letters in The Bee each week vote on Tuesday. For citizens in our democracy, there is no valid reason for failure to avail themselves of the privilege and right of voting on election day. It is the very essence of the freedom we are privileged to enjoy in the United States. It is difficult to find a good reason for not voting.

If each person who intends to vote would encourage at least one eligible voter, who may not be so inclined, to go out and vote, our community would be better served. Our goal as a community should be to increase the voter turnout of all eligible voters from the age of 18 and above and assure that a strong cross section of Newtown, from young adults to senior citizens and all in between, determine our future town leaders. For those wishing to become part of the process, there is still time to examine the records and positions of the candidates and the political parties. Talking to friends and neighbors about the issues is always good advice to voters. In addition, examination of the results of the first selectman debate and “Pizza And Politics,” plus a review of recent issues of The Newtown Bee, can serve as resources assisting voters in making these informed decisions.

As a Democratic Party candidate, I urge voters to review the records, positions and visions of the Newtown Democrats at: thenewtowndemocrats.com and use the information provided as a basis for comparison with candidates of other affiliations. The Democratic Party offers a strong slate, highlighted by experience and ideas, for voter consideration. Most importantly, please be sure to vote for the candidates of your choice on election day next Tuesday, November 6!


Richard English

Democratic Candidate For

Planning & Zoning Commission

3 Curry Drive, Newtown                                   October 29, 2007

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