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To the Editor:



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To the Editor:

We need Mitch Bolinsky as our representative in Hartford to fight the rising tide of debt and spending. Electing another Democrat will note solve our fiscal problems. It was reported by the Office of Policy and Management just this week that our deficit is up to $60.1 million in the first four months of the fiscal year alone! Imagine where we will be by the end of the year? How are we going to pay for all the out of control spending?

At the start of October, the governor’s office reported the budget deficit was projected at less than half the current deficit. Stop the madness! Mitch’s policy of spending no more than you can pay for is sound fiscal business. The democratic candidate is debating which taxes are better? How about this: vote for Mitch and he will advocate to reduce spending, lower taxes and encourage a business friendly environment.

Joseph DiCandido

4 Whitewood Road, Newtown                                   October 31, 2012

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