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Tip Of A Dangerous Iceberg



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To the Editor:

For any of us who have served as elected officials, there have been times when we have borne witness to things that might call to question whether there is a public need to know that outweighs procedural protocols and safeguards. In the years of my service as an elected official, I sometimes found myself conflicted and sought guidance from Hartford and others with expertise in the applications of policy and procedure.

The actions of Mr Freedman, an RTC official— and possibly one other BOE member— involving the release of confidential e-mails and text messages are of grave concern for many reasons. The gravest concern, in my opinion, is the impact of how this is handled on how we move forward as a functional municipal government.

Should the investigation be stopped, speculation as to the motives for the cease and desist will run rampant. Should the investigation move forward and determine there has been a breach and there are no meaningful consequences for those involved, the implications would be  that protocols and rules can be disregarded “in an effort to expose wrongdoing,”  (as Mr. Freedman stated as his rationale for for-warding the documents) – establishing a new precedent.

With this new precedent, the flood gates will be open to all who feel a need to expose perceived wrong-doing in a public venue. Governance in our community will become nothing more than rule by gossip and innuendo.

Mr Freedman’s actions have possibly exposed the tip of a larger, potentially dangerous iceberg that should be investigated before we move forward, full speed ahead, with business as usual.


Karen C. Pierce

10 Chestnut Hill Road, Sandy Hook     October 31, 2015

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