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In Support Of Tony Hwang By E. Patricia Llodra



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To the Editor:

I am proud to support Tony Hwang for a second term as our state senator for the 28th District. His record of service illustrates his enduring passion for community and his commitment to values that drive his thinking and his actions: fiscal accountability, social responsibility, and an unwavering effort to improve the lives of the people he represents.

Tony's personal story as an immigrant to our great nation offers evidence of his unfaltering study and work ethic. But even more compelling is Tony's history as a dedicated and effective public servant for the past ten years. He is available. He responds. And he seeks out the information and resources required to advocate on our behalf. Multiple times in this past year I have called upon Tony to be our advocate and spokesperson to ensure that state government promises are kept and opportunities are not wasted. Three examples come immediately to mind: Senator Hwang acted quickly and effectively in response to a state proposal that would have short-changed the grant promised for our new school at Sandy Hook; he led the Newtown delegation to secure funding for our solar landfill project; and just recently, Tony and the delegation were successful in adjusting the excess cost grant formula resulting in some additional resources for the district. Ever-present in our municipalities, Tony has become well known to our communities in his first two-year term as our senator. We can clearly see his consistent efforts to make Connecticut a better place to live and work.

Very soon we will make a choice and decide not only who will not only represent the 28th District, but who will lead us in navigating the biggest issues facing our towns and our state. Tony's strong record of garnering bipartisan support is what we need in Hartford. I hope you will join me in voting for Tony Hwang for re-election as Connecticut state senator. When Tony wins, we all win.

E. Patricia Llodra, First Selectman

Town of Newtown

3 Primrose Street, Newtown         November 2, 2016

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