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'Reach Your Mountaintop' Book Launch November 5



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Learn how to "get from where you are to where you want to be" through resident and author Jeff Davis's new book that he has recently completed and self-published, Reach Your Mountaintop: 10 Keys to Finding the Hidden Opportunity in Your Setbacks, Flipping What You've Heard on Its Head, and Achieving Legendary Goals. The book includes a roadmap, according to its author, to "a proven and practical process" toward achievement.

The public is invited top take the first step at a November 5 book launch event where Mr Davis will introduce guests to his new book's "powerful message of hope and possibility," he said this week.

Reach Your Mountaintop, and also enjoy refreshments and prizes.

Mr Davis and many of the experts featured in his research and writing will be at C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street, on Sunday, November 5, at 1 pm. Attendees will meet some of the world-renowned experts featured in

A percentage of proceeds from book sales at the book launch will go to Newtown Youth & Family Services, "a wonderful organization that aligns with my mission," he said.

Both the book and its launch event are meant to be "inspirational" in guiding readers and guests "to achieve your own version of success," said Mr Davis. "Everyone speaking on November 5 is the best of the best," he said. Each will speak for roughly ten minutes addressing skills "that are not spoken about nearly enough."

The day will include networking breaks, Mr Davis explained.

"These are very approachable people. This is not a book signing, I am not the main focus, but the speakers are the focus," he said, encouraging those who plan to attend to "approach these people, ask them questions."

His book also includes contact information for the experts, he said.

November 5 is about putting readers in touch with other people and experts, he said, adding, "The networking will be golden"

Getting his message out is paramount.

"What this is really about is the message of encouraging people to transcend obstacles, shatter limitations, move beyond doubt, define their own version of success, and create their own career path by going their own way in life," he said.

Speakers "add variety and keeps the focus on the message," he said.

The Speakers

In addition to Jeff Davis, six additional people are planning to participate in the November 5 book launch. Mr Davis provided details about the speakers and their topics.

Harvey Bailey, a relationship coach, author, speaker and ordained reverend, will discuss "the enormous power of visualization and how that ties into achieving what you truly want," according to Mr Davis.

Dan Blanchard, he said, is an author, speaker, and high school teacher who will be speaking on "how your past does not equal your future and that setbacks are setups for comebacks."

Jenny Drescher, speaker and improvisation expert, will talk about "the value of breaking the rules and being true to yourself."

Heather Hansen O'Neill, author, leadership expert, and professional speaker, will review "dealing with challenges, emotional intelligence, and moving beyond adversity."

Chris Salem, author, leadership expert and professional speaker, will address "authentic leadership and how that ties into true success."

Rick Woods, author, speaker, professional organizer, and time management expert, will discuss "the importance of time management as it ties into defining your own version of success and climbing the right ladder."

Mr Davis will discuss the core messages of his book.

"The book is about revolutionizing your own career … it all comes down to what the reader, what you want. The book provides enormous clarity and a proven path," he said.

A "key theme from a high level," in his writing, which will come up at the book launch are "core skills," that are not taught in schools or business schools or by society, he said, "and that's what you can expect to learn - the key skills you need to be successful."

Although only a handful of speakers will join Mr Davis for the afternoon, he spoke with 28 world-renowned experts for his book, which has several themes. In a recent press release he notes, "It's crucial to define your own version of success; society and the media don't talk about what's most important, and money is only one small metric of success."

Referring to the book's title, he said, "The beauty of the 'mountaintop' is that it's usually not a destination or place. It's the feeling you get when you stay focused, avoid distractions, and push past roadblocks. It's a way of thinking, acting, and being. It's being more concerned with making an impact and helping those in need than needlessly worrying about the opinions of others."

In his release he explains, "We so often hear of motivational sayings, but we aren't taught how to follow-through and get to where we want to be. This book changes all of that." It contains "attention-grabbing stories and powerful cases studies. This book will help you to shatter limitations, live your best life, and genuinely help other people," he stated.

The Author's Backstory

"A setback I experienced in high school touches on a core theme of the book," Mr Davis said. Chapter one is his story of striving to be a starter on Fairfield College Preparatory School's baseball team.

"I was putting all my hopes and dreams into being a starter," he wrote. The book's first chapter is "the back story of why I decided to write the book," Mr Davis said. "It's something I experienced," and leads into discussions in following chapters with the experts, he said.

In the book's opening chapter readers learn that Mr Davis was ultimately cut from the team, which was a surprise blow following a tryout period where he "felt like a million bucks" and even after he "had one of the best hits of his entire life." This and other clues added to his perception that he would be the team's starting left fielder. He had taken that particular turn at bat "very seriously because it was a chance to prove myself once and for all to the coach."

Afterward in the locker room the coach read through a list of names of those who made the team, which did not include Mr Davis.

"It was the worst, most devastating feeling of my life," he wrote. "I was stunned and broken … I was destroyed."

All of his self-worth had hung on making the team. Later that evening, he wrote, he saw "no reason to for me to continue living."

However, he soon began to process his feelings and "somehow was becoming aware of my thoughts and emotions from a slightly more objective point of view." He soon saw that "deep down in my soul," his self worth "did not depend on being on the team."

He wrote of sensing that at a core level he would someday "be able to use this unexpected event as a way to connect with others and help people get through their own moments of rock bottom." And several sentences later he stated, "You can use your best moments as a springboard to help others and make a difference in the world."

Through discussions with "hundreds of people in my travels around the world, extensive research and my transformation over a decade," from the devastated high school student to "a genuinely joyful guy," Mr Davis says he has discovered tips and insights "we can all apply to get us through our dark nights of the soul."

The tips he lists at the end of chapter one include: Take it one breath at a time, literally; keep it in perspective, instead of trying to think positively, switch back to neutral; your self-worth is infinite; you are loved; there is hidden opportunity in every setback, the unfortunate situation you are going through is the situation life wants you to experience to get you to your next level.

Between October 2013 and October 2016 were the countless revisions, peer reviews, editing, and more as he completed his book.

During those three years, he traveled "to seek out the experts. Sometimes I would meet these world-renowned, hard-to-reach people at conferences," or he arranged to communicate with them through the internet or by phone.

"All of these experts I featured I actually spent the time interviewing … so that's how I was able to create this practical, proven process to reach your mountaintop," he said. His travels took him to five continents.

Mr Davis graduated high school in 2007, and then from McDaniel College in 2011, with a major in economics and a minor in mathematics. He earned his master's degree at Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Business, graduating in the spring of 2014.

He is chairman and CEO of Jeff Davis International, based in Newtown, where he also grew up.

Traveling Triumphs: The Improbable in Budapest and Beyond, was published in May 2014), professional speaker, and leadership expert. He has spoken at high schools and colleges, nonprofits, conferences, associations, and businesses across the United States, Europe, and Asia on suicide prevention, dealing with adversity, and moving beyond challenges.

He is an author (his first book,

He recently did a well-received TEDx talk in New York City called "How to Fulfill Your Inner Life." He mixes practical content with inspirational stories to give people the tools and strategies necessary to transcend obstacles, shatter limitations, and be a better leader.

Reach Your Mountaintop: 10 Keys to Finding the Hidden Opportunity in Your Setbacks, Flipping What You've Heard on Its Head, and Achieving Legendary Goals is book is available for preorder through amazon.com. The paperback is scheduled for release on November 1.

The book is self-published through eBookIt.com.

For additional information about the book launch call C.H. Booth Library at 203-426-4533.

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