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Letter Of Endorsement: Litt For Cruson, Embree Ku & Row A



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To the Editor:

By now, many of you have made up your minds on how you plan to vote in the Municipal elections on November 7. For those of you registered as Democrats or Republicans, your vote may be based on that national party affiliation. This election is about Newtown, though, not about national politics. That’s why I’m voting for Dan Cruson, Michelle Ku, and the candidates on Row A.

For those who haven’t decided whether or how to vote, you could think about what kind of future you want for Newtown.

*Do you want Newtown to remain historic, beautiful and green, but affordable for young families and seniors?

*Do you want a town in which elected officials listen to you, and make decisions based on what is best for Newtown?

*Do you want a town with well-maintained streets and infrastructure?

*Do you want a town in which taxpayer money is spent carefully and efficiently?

*Do you want a town with excellent education and an excellent library, so our real estate values are high and our children are prepared?

*Do you want a town in which every parent can decide for themselves what their own children can read?

*Do you want a town that is safe for everyone?

If your answer is yes, then you should vote Row A. In a Democracy, voting is how you can make sure your voice is heard. If you vote, then you have a say in whether our town will prosper, and whether this will be a place where you want, and can afford, to live. Let’s not let a minority of voters make decisions for all of us. Vote November 7, and vote for Dan Cruson, Michelle Ku and the candidates on Row A for a thriving and affordable Newtown.

Betsy Litt


A letter from Betsy Litt.
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