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Multiple Charges



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Multiple Charges

Police said that at about 9:10 pm on October 26, they stopped a motorist on Church Hill Road because the vehicle had a registration violation.

In the course of investigating the case, police said they brought in their dog to check the vehicle for the presence of drugs.

Bryan Walsh, 19, of 7 Farm Field Ridge Road was a passenger in the vehicle, police said. The sniffing dog located contraband on Walsh, according to police.

Police charged Walsh with possession of less than four ounces of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of marijuana within 1,500 feet of a school.

After arrest processing, police released Walsh on $500 bail for a November 9 court appearance.

Main Street MVA

Police report a motor vehicle accident on Main Street about 9 am October 23.

In that accident, motorist Maureen McKinley, 45, of Farrell Road, who was driving a 2003 Chevrolet sedan, was backing out of a parking space in front of 43 Main Street, police said.

The Chevrolet backed into a legally parked, occupied 2005 Mack truck driven by Hubert Felicien, 28, of Stamford, police said. There were no injuries.

Police verbally warned McKinley for unsafe backing.


MV Charges

Police said that while on patrol on South Main Street about 1:45 pm October 25, they spotted motorist Jose Zhina, 21, of Danbury driving with an expired vehicle registration sticker, so they stopped him to investigate.

Police said Zhina was driving with an ex           pired registration, with a suspended registration, and without a license.

After Zhina posted $100 bail, police released him for a November 8 court appearance to answer the charges.

Warrant Rearrest

 After Brookfield police arrested Jennifer Hildebrand, 42, of New Milford on a warrant on October 28, it was learned that Newtown police held a warrant for her arrest.

Newtown police charged Hildebrand with second degree failure to appear in court, driving under the influence, and making a restricted turn.

Newtown police said they originally arrested Hildebrand on the motor vehicles charges last May 18 after an incident in the Toddy Hill Road/Settlers Lane area.

After posting $10,000 bail, police released Hildebrand for a November 7 court appearance.

Evading Responsibility

A Seymour man who was driving a sedan on Berkshire Road on the night of October 29 was involved in a collision with an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), after which the ATV driver fled the scene, according to police.

Police said motorist Ralph Gaudino, 23, of Seymour was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt northward on Berkshire Road when an ATV, which was carrying a boy driver and a boy passenger, attempted to exit Bennetts Bridge Road to cross Berkshire Road and enter Grays Plain Road.

The ATV and the Chevrolet collided at the intersection of the three roads, police said.

After the impact, the Chevrolet smashed into some guardrailing and the ATV driver kept traveling, police said.

Gaudino and Chevrolet passenger Michael Pietrasiewicz, 19, of Moodus were transported to Danbury Hospital for treatment of injuries, police said.

Police said that the black-and-green ATV received front end damage in the crash. Police ask anyone with information about the identity of the ATV driver to contact Officer Andrew Stinson at 426-5841.

Honda Vs Chevrolet

About 4:38 pm October 25, motorist Donna Saputo, 40, of Indian Hill Lane, who was driving a 2005 Chevrolet pickup truck eastward near 51 Church Hill Road, stopped for traffic conditions, police report.

Eastbound motorist Kelly Kupstis, 25, of Waterbury, who was driving a 2002 Honda coupe, collided with the rear end of the Chevrolet, police said.

There were no injuries. Kupstis received a written warning for failure to drive a reasonable distance apart.

Saturn Into Rails

About 12:34 pm October 28, motorist Aleksander Alves, 19, of 7 Sand Hill Road, who was driving a 1998 Saturn SL-2 on wet pavement on eastbound Interstate 84’s Exit 10 on-ramp, slid on the ramp and struck guardrails on the right road shoulder, state police said.

Alves was not injured. Alves received an infraction for traveling too fast for conditions.



About 5:40 pm October 23, motorist Brian C. White, 50, of 60 Castle Meadow Road, who was driving a 2007 Lexus ES-350, stopped on eastbound Interstate 84’s Exit 9 off-ramp and was waiting for traffic to clear, when he was struck from behind by motorist Ralph A. Salito, 49, of Trumbull, who was driving a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, state police report.

There were no injuries. State police said Salito was following too closely and was illegally talking on a cellphone while driving.

Electra Glide Vs Prius

Police report an accident between a large motorcycle and a small car about 6:40 am October 31 at the intersection of Sugar Street and Boggs Hill Road.

Police said motorcyclist Francisco Amaral, 51, of 206 Berkshire Road was driving a 2001 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide westward on Sugar Street, as motorist William Weber, 45, of 62 Robin Hill Road was driving a 2006 Toyota Prius eastward on Sugar Street.

As the motorcycle was passing a stopped vehicle, which was turning left onto Boggs Hill Road, the motorcycle collided with the Toyota, police said.

There were no injuries.  Police issued Amaral a written warning for failure to drive to the right.

Six Offenses

About 12:34 pm October 30, police were conducting a radar speed check on Riverside Road, when they detected motorist Daniel Lanigan, 36, of Hamden driving 44 miles per hour in a posted 25-mph zone, so they stopped him to investigate.

Police charged Lanigan with possession of drug paraphernalia, misuse of a marker plate, failure to have automotive insurance, failure to have a front marker plate, traveling too fast for conditions, and driving an unregistered vehicle.

After arrest processing, police released Lanigan on $100 bail for a November 9 court appearance.

Sandy Hook DUI

About 10:45 pm October 31, police were called to 5 Russett Road in Sandy Hook, where a motor vehicle accident had occurred.

Police said an unidentified motorist under age 18, who had been driving a 1986 Chrysler LeBaron, drove off the road and struck two trees, coming to rest in the yard at 5 Russett Road.

On investigating, police charged the youth with driving under the influence, making a restricted turn, and interfering with police.

Because the person is under age 18, their identity is concealed by state law. Police released the youth on $5,000 bail for a November 17 appearance in Danbury Youthful Offender Court.


On October 31, police charged a person under age 18 with making a restricted turn and with two counts of third degree criminal mischief. Details on the incident were not available before deadline.

The identity of people under age 18 who are charged with crimes is concealed by state law. The offender was released on a written promise to appear November 17 in Danbury Youthful Offender Court.

Camera Vandalism

At about 1 pm on October 31, police arrested Henry Williams, 30, of Bridgeport, charging him with first degree criminal mischief. Police allege that Williams damaged security cameras at 123 South Main Street, the site of the former Fireside Inn, which is currently under redevelopment.

After posting $1,000 bail, Williams was released for a November 16 court appearance.

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