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A Blatantly Bad Idea



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A Blatantly Bad Idea

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my family’s opposition to the proposed rezoning of 32 Alberts Hill Road, which would allow for the construction of 56 condominiums for seniors on 20 acres in this remote and beautiful section of Sandy Hook.

When my family and I moved from LA to Newtown in October 2003, we were delighted what a treasure of a town we had stumbled upon. Newtown is filled not only with beautiful physical attributes, including great old houses, terrific schools, lovely natural scenery — even a few remaining working farms — but kind and welcoming people as well. I feel very grateful to be living here.

As I recently read through the town’s Plan for Conservation and Development, which was published just last year, I was reassured to see that the town’s leadership shares these same sentiments, and had reasserted them so recently. The feeling is summed up in the first sentence of the POCD vision statement: “The goal of the Town of Newtown is to protect and enhance its picturesque, rural, historic New England setting and attributes.” I couldn’t agree more.

Building 56 condominiums on 20 acres of land, which is bordered by a bald eagle preserve on one side, a historic New England winery and farm on the other, and which is directly in the path of a greenbelt — Al’s Trail — of which the town is justifiably proud, is just a blatantly bad idea.

The Planning & Zoning Commission was right and wise to zone this area R-2 in the first place. We have seen R-2 zoning work economically for other developers in our area — most recently seven new R-2 houses that are being added at the intersection of Alberts Hill and Walnut Tree Hill — and it can work again. I for one do not buy the developer’s argument that R-2 zoning can’t be made to work economically on this property.

I urge the commission to reject this rezoning proposal, and require that this property to be developed under the existing R-2 zoning.


Ben Toby

69 Alberts Hill Road, Sandy Hook                            November 1, 2005

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