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Stuck For An Explanation



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Stuck For An Explanation

To the Editor:

Today, Tuesday, November 4, 2003, I voted at the Reed Intermediate School. As is customary upon leaving the voting booth, I received a sticker proclaiming, “I Voted Today!” Usually, I hand the sticker to my youngest child who then in turn sticks the sticker on herself. Today, my daughter was not with me while voting so instead I stuck the sticker on myself for lack of a better place to put it.

Upon leaving the Reed Intermediate School, I noticed that many of these “I Voted Today!” stickers were stuck to the door I was exiting out of. I was shocked and dismayed to see this. I know that the people receiving these stickers are registered voters. I understand that they are 18 years of age and older and I am sure they are taxpayers just as I am. Why then would these stickers end up the door of a newly built school funded by tax paying dollars?

Now the thought did cross my mind that quite possibly a child could have done this. However, don’t most adults usher small children through a doorway? Wouldn’t the adult see the child stick the sticker on the door? If a child were to deface public property with a sticker, wouldn’t the parent have the child undo the error? Also, I truly don’t believe that all those stickers were put on the door by children, as most of the stickers were up quite high, too high for a child who didn’t know any better.

Not too long ago we as the people of Newtown voted down a budget to better our schools and then in turn we mindlessly deface the property of the schools with voting stickers. I just don’t understand this. Can someone explain the logic here?

Thank you,

Lisa F. Condon

3 Brandywine Lane, Sandy Hook                        November 4, 2003

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