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Looking Forward To Bringing Solutions To Residents



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To the Editor:

Thank you, Newtown, for joining the “discussion” about the future of our community. By opening your front doors to the candidates over the last several months, reading about us, volunteering for campaigns, and voting in higher numbers than usual, you are shaping Newtown’s future.

My compliments go out to Jeff Capeci and John Madzula for running a stand-up campaign. Our town works best when we focus on the issues, and Jeff and John did just that.

I express my congratulations to those who were elected to office. At the same time, I feel the loss of some incredibly talented people on our boards as well as some excellent candidates with great potential. We are fortunate to have so many people willing to volunteer for the sake of the community. Our democracy depends on people who are willing to share their ideas and let them stand for a vote.

As a voter, my deep thanks go to those who work the elections to ensure the voting is free and fair. I appreciate their hard work, attention to detail, and commitment to the principles of democracy.

Campaigns have a way of revealing the issues. Some come to light when talking with folks at their front door. Some are seen in the election outcomes. Some I was aware of previously, and some were new to me. Newtown has weighed in — there is work to do — and I look forward to bringing solutions to the table.

Michelle Embree Ku


A letter from Michelle Embree Ku.
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    No sidewalks I guess.

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