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A Serious Discussion Encouraged



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To the Editor:

At the next public hearing, we would like to encourage be a serious discussion of the 8-30g option and the realities of what Main Street and Newtown could face at this site [19 Main Street]. It would be helpful to hear both sides of this topic, and we encourage those that understand please speak to it.

8-30g law has become an emotional issue for many communities because of the broad latitude it gives developers to build under the auspices of increasing affordable housing inventory. Developers can place dense, multi-family projects into single-family neighborhoods. These sometimes controversial development projects often change the town’s character and disrupts neighborhoods.

We’re hopeful for the right outcome here, but deeply concerned if the right decisions are not made.

Bernadette and Wayne Addessi

13 Lovells Lane, Newtown November 18, 2019

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