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November 25, 1988

The case of demonic spirits in a Newtown home, coupled with the recent discovery in Sandy Hook of an altar apparently used for devil worship, has brought to light the possibility that there are devil worshippers living in Newtown who may or may not be responsible for “inviting” evil forces into the area. Monroe’s Ed and Lorraine Warren, perhaps the most renowned “ghostbusters” in the world, became convinced of the presence of supernatural and preternatural forces in the Main Street home which they were called upon to investigate last month. Mr Warren said the presence of ghosts indicates there is a “door” at the location through which other supernatural spirits can enter. “Mrs Jones” said she now feels very strongly about the importance of strengthening the power of God, which she said is done by people coming together as a congregation to pray. She said that the same apparently holds true for the power of the devil, which has perhaps been strengthening in Newtown by the coming together of its followers.


The Pennies from Heaven fundraiser lived up to its name, as approximately 1 million pennies — $10,000 — were brought to the Newtown High School gym last Saturday by generous townspeople and enthusiastic youngsters. Committee members of Funspace Unlimited of Newtown (FUN) the group pushing for the Robert Leathers-designed playground for Dickinson Park, set a goal of $10,000 for the penny drive. Reaching that goal brought the overall total of playground donations to $30,000.


The same storm that has been wreaking havoc across the country, dumping five feet of snow over the Rockies and creating tornadoes in Mississippi, dumped 2.60 inches of rain in the area on Sunday, November 20. The storm caused little damage in the area, with only three reports of downed branches recorded in the police ledgers.


The Smoke Shop fire on August 31 is now officially considered a case of arson, following confirmation by the state Fire Marshal’s Office that accelerants were used to start the fire. The Newtown Police Department said it is still trying to determine the identity of a person seen fleeing the area as the fire started.

November 29, 1963

The State of Connecticut, the Town of Newtown, and every city, town and hamlet felt the impact of Friday afternoon’s sudden and terrible news of the shooting and death of President John F. Kennedy. Churches were filled to capacity Sunday and for special services and the offering of prayers. Townspeople were plunged into sudden and deep mourning by this totally unexpected crime against the President’s person, the nation, and the civilized world… John Fitzgerald Kennedy was slain by an assassin’s bullet early Friday afternoon in Dallas, Texas.


Colonel Clarence D. Chamberlin of Huntington gave Newtown Jaycees last week at the Yankee Drover Inn an interesting account of his 1927 endurance record in the air without refueling and trans Atlantic flight to Germany. Accompanied by a promoter, Charles A. Levine, Chamberlin’s was the first passenger plane to fly the Atlantic. He told of many amusing incidents before and during the flight.


Due to the death of our president John F. Kennedy, the Harvest Moon Ball sponsored by the Parents Guild of St Rose was cancelled last Saturday. The Ball will be held this Saturday, November 30, at 9 pm, at the K of C Hall. The orchestra will be sweet music by Dick Crerrone. Tickets are $5 a couple.


On the island at the intersection of Queen Street and Church Hill Road in Newtown stands a farmer with an old hand cultivator in a symbolic tribute to all those men and women who produce our food. The Fairfield County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, with Mrs Sam Paproski as chairman, created this attractive scene in connection with National Farm-City Week, which is now being observed.

November 25, 1938

The Newtown A.C., under the capable management of Paul Prokopy, will open their 1938-39 basketball season on Thursday evening, December 1, when they will meet the first and second teams of the Monroe Athletic Club. The A.C. will play at the Edmond gym, each Thursday night throughout the season. Games will start promptly at 8 o’clock sharp and will be under the hands of a competent referee.


The two performances of the Sue Hasting’s Marionettes, presented at the Edmond Town Hall last Thursday, through the efforts of the local Parent-Teacher Association, were enthusiastically received by those attending. The afternoon show of “Hansel and Gretel” was witnessed by a group of over 600 school children. The small attendance at the evening performance was disappointing to those in charge as the worthy cause and excellent quality of entertainment merited much more support from local citizens.


Bids were received Tuesday, November 15th, for the Sections B and C of the building program at the Fairfield State Hospital, at the office of the Public Works Department at Hartford. The estimated cost of the entire project is $3,919,000, of which the Public Works Administration is making an outright grant of $1,763,550.


Scouts of Newtown and the Bridgeport suburban area will play an important role in the Pomperaug Council’s Scout-O-Rama which opens Friday evening, November 25, at the LeBaron factory on Hollister avenue, East Bridgeport. Newtown Scouts, under the leadership of Scoutmaster Paul Cullens, have arranged to handle a booth on Goat Dairying, which is expected to be one of the real features of the Scout-O-Rama.


November 28, 1913

The Hawleyville Whist club met last week, Thursday evening, with Mr and Mrs Fred Lake. S.A. Blackman won the prize for the gentlemen, a flash light, and Mrs Frank Ruffles the prize for the ladies, a cracker jar. W.S. Hawley was awarded the consolation prize for the men, a pack of cards, and Mrs Zabriskie the consolation prize for the ladies, a vase.


Henry Pettit has been so unfortunate as to have a valuable horse laid up by having a nail go through the hoof. Dr Knapp, of Danbury, was called to attend it.


Selectman Johnson has had several teams employed, this week, graveling the bad spots on the Sugar street road toward Bethel. What a few years ago was one of the worst stretches of road in town, from the bridge near Mrs I.B. Harris’ to the Bethel line, beyond Dodgingtown, is now, thanks to the intelligent treatment given it by Mr Johnson, one of the best roads, aside from our state highway.


A Christmas sale and chicken pie supper will be held in Trinity Guild rooms, Wednesday, December 3. The sale will include attractive aprons and fancy work, also a specially good assortment of cards and calendars, as well as candy. The supper will be ready at 5:30 o’clock. This includes chicken pie, biscuit, salad, coffee, pie, ice cream and cake, all for 35 cents.

Bruce Herring brought by this photograph, which he believes is of the Class of 1948, in front of Hawley School. Does anybody care to take a guess at who’s who in this picture? Contact Nancy@thebee.com.
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