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Newtown’s Jim and Sasha Allen Narrowly Make Top 10 On ‘The Voice’ Following Instant Save Challenge



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It was music to all their fans’ ears when Newtown residents Jim and Sasha Allen made it to the Top 11 contestants last week on The Voice and had the opportunity to sing live on Monday, November 22. And their latest performance the following night advanced the local father-son duo yet again.

The Allens have been successfully advancing through the competition since their blind audition for the popular NBC talent show. During Fan Week this week, the songs contestants performed were chosen by their supporters.

Host Carson Daly said that Jim and Sasha have had a “profound impact” on their fans before two video messages were played.

The first was from a Connecticut fan who shared, “My name is Jack and I happen to be trans like Sasha. Seeing you guys on The Voice and having trans representation on such a large platform means the world to me. Good luck Jim and Sasha.”

The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles also made a video for Jim and Sasha where they said, “Sasha, thank you so much for representing the trans community. Go team Ariana!”

Sasha reflected on these personal messages and said, “Coming on a platform of this size and telling people my story as a trans person, it was something that I was really scared to do but I felt like I kind of had a responsibility to. There are so many fans out there that are supporting us along this journey. It’s so meaningful to me.”

Jim also weighed in on fans expressing their support and said, “God, what a beautiful thing. We feel it.”

For the Top 11 Live Performance, the fans selected “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival for the Allens to sing. In rehearsals, Jim told coach Ariana Grande that it is a song they have wanted to sing, because “It’s a classic and it has energy, soul.”

When the big moment arrived, Jim and Sasha performed alongside The Voice’s band with a rustic backdrop and stacks of wooden box crates. Jim played mandolin and harmonica in addition to singing with Sasha.

Coach Blake Shelton was the first to give feedback, telling them that they “sounded incredible” and that “the bond you two have, way beyond parent and child, is incredible to watch.”

He also asked Jim, “Is there an instrument that you don’t play?” — to which Jim jokingly responded, “I don’t play the stock market.”

Grande then said, “Not only can we count on you [both] to be so spectacular on stage every week, but America, I don’t think you realize what a musical genius Jim is … I swear if he had ten arms he’d be playing every instrument that is available to him.”

Hometown Viewing Party

Edmond Town Hall wanted to show their support for Jim and Sasha in their hometown and hosted a free viewing party for Monday night’s episode of The Voice. People were invited to register earlier in the evening and sign a release form to be part of a network recording that was aired during the show.

Jennifer Guman, chair of the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers, told The Newtown Bee that “approximately 300 people” attended the viewing party that evening.

Early in the night, eager fans were seated in the theater watching a loop of past performances of Jim and Sasha on The Voice thus far.

Reporter Taylor Kinzler, of CT Live, was on site with a film crew to capture the excitement of the evening.

Many residents got to be in the spotlight while standing next to Kinzler as they cheered and held up handmade signs of support for Jim and Sasha.

Then when the show aired at 8 pm, everyone at Edmond Town Hall watched the performances and got a chance to see themselves on the big screen.

Instant Save

On Tuesday, November 23, host Carson Daly revealed the results of America’s votes from the previous night.

Before America got to know the fate of Jim and Sasha, though, the duo took part in a special performance with coach Grande and teammate Holly Forbes. The group sang “FourFiveSeconds,” a song by Kanye West, Paul McCartney, and Rihanna, while seated around a blazing campfire on stage.

The Allens also shared many endearing moments with their coach that motivated Sasha and Grande to reach out multiple times to lock hands.

After many suspenseful rounds of voting results, it was revealed that Jim and Sasha were in the bottom two positions with musician Gymani from coach Kelly Clarkson’s team. They were all then thrust into the position of fighting for their spot in the Top 10 through the Instant Save. In that setting, viewers have five minutes to go online and cast one vote for the performer of their choice.

Jim and Sasha fittingly sang “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. It was Jim’s first time on The Voice stage without an instrument, which gave viewers a new perspective on the duo’s musicianship vocally together.

At the very end of the song, with the last lyric sung, Sasha voiced, “Trans rights,” which had the crowd cheering.

When the camera panned to Grande, she was standing and completely in tears.

‘Things Get Better’

Shelton gave his reaction after the performance and through the sound of a roaring crowd cheering around him, he said, “The audience is kind of saying it for me.”

He mentioned that they have continued to improve throughout the competition and “I’m a little surprised to see you guys here, but this competition is tough, it’s rough … you guys are incredible though.”

Grande spoke next and was very emotional as she sang the praises of Jim and Sasha. She said that they do not deserve to be in the bottom two and that they are both “brilliant musicians” who delivered the “best performances of the season.”

She then pleaded with the audience and viewers at home to vote to save them from being eliminated.

After the Instant Save voting window closed but before the results were announced, Daly gave Jim and Sasha the opportunity to talk to Grande, should they leave the competition.

Sasha said, “The greatest part of this entire experience has been knowing you. You have been the greatest gift of my life. You are such an incredible person. I love you so much I don’t have the time to say it all, because I only have 20 seconds. You have been so impactful on me, my music, and us, and this entire experience.

“To every trans kid out there who thinks there is no light at the end of the tunnel … things get better,” he added.

Grande, through tears, told them, “I am so thankful to have crossed paths with you both. I love you so much. This show is a part of the bigger picture ... Our paths were meant to cross, and this is such a beautiful gift to know you, to see you perform, and grow.”

She said it has been an honor to work with them, and she will be part of their lives forever.

Daly then shared the results live that Jim and Sasha had won the Instant Save.

When they heard the news, the father and son both had the same reaction – their jaws dropped and they immediately started hugging Gymani and Grande.

Watch Jim and Sasha Allen on The Voice next week by tuning in to NBC on Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm. Also, follow them on Instagram @JimAndSasha.

Reporter Alissa Silber can be reached at alissa@thebee.com.

Ariana Grande and Sasha Allen clasp hands during the performance of “FourFiveSeconds” during the November 23 live episode of The Voice. The campfire setting, which also included contestant Holly Forbes, on the left, and Jim Allen was the first of two performances with coaches Tuesday evening.
Jim Allen, left, and Sasha Allen sing “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz with hopes of earning the Instant Save to make it to The Voice’s Top 10 on November 23. —Trae Patton/NBC photo
CT Live Reporter Taylor Kinzler was surrounded by nearly 300 fans of Sasha and Jim Allen who showed up for a viewing party at Edmond Town Hall on November 22. Footage recorded ahead of Monday evening's show was later incorporated in that night's episode of The Voice. —Brad Joblin photo
The marquee outside Edmond Town Hall on Monday touted the second viewing party for The Voice hosted at the historic locaiton. —Bee Photo, Silber
At 6 pm, people were still making their way into the Edmond Town Hall theater for The Voice viewing party on November 22. Attendees were invited to be part of an NBC affiliate’s taping of fans prior to the show starting at 8 pm.—Bee Photo, Silber
Helping everyone sign in at The Voice viewing party was, standing from left, Jennifer Guman, chair of the Edmond Town Hall (ETH) Board of Managers; Lauren DiMartino, who handles financing for the ETH; Stacey Olszewski, chair of Friends of ETH; and Lori Campbell with her daughter, Keira Campbell, who are both volunteers with Friends of ETH. Seated is Betsy Paynter, vice chair of ETH Board of Managers, and Nadia Comstock, volunteer with Friends of ETH. —Bee Photo, Silber
Kat Moran, left, and Miranda Daly run the Edmond Town Hall concession stand during The Voice viewing party on November 22.
Jim Allen, left, and his son, Sasha Allen, smile on stage after their rendition of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival for The Voice’s Live Top 11 Performances on Monday, November 22. —Trae Patton/NBC photo
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