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Weekly Question: What Television Series Do You Recommend Others Binge? Why?



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The Newtown Bee wanted to know, “What Television Series Do You Recommend Others Binge? Why?” And readers responded.

A new question will be posted weekly for the foreseeable future. Readers are encouraged to check facebook.com/thenewtownbee weekly for the latest post. Responses may be used in future coverage.

Responses ranged from shows available to watch on online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime to shows originally aired on television networks.

Shows readers said are worth binge watching are listed below, not in a particular order.

Veep, Grace and Frankie, Schitt’s Creek, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex Education, Absolutely Fabulous, Catastrophe, Outlander, Russian Doll, The Last Kingdom, Jane the Virgin, The Great British Baking Show, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, The Americans, Virgin River, Game of Thrones, Marecella, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Crown, Doc Martin, and The Queens Gambit.

One commenter said, “Russian Doll, on Netflix. It can take an episode or two to catch you. The lead character is a brash, loud New Yorker, but as you learn her plight, it gets very interesting. Warning: sex, drugs, rough language.”

Another said, “Outlander — on Netflix and Starz. It’s a wonderful story about time travel from 1948 England to 1748 Scotland. You learn Scottish Gaelic but there are many steamy scenes because of the 1800s era...”

And another said, “The Last Kingdom. Full of Viking culture, adventure, history, and romance. Warning: violent battle scenes.”

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