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Fire Reports | November 22-30, 2016



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The two-way radio dispatchers working at the Newtown Emergency Communications Center located in Town Hall South at 3 Main Street report the following fire calls and the responders:

Wednesday, November 23: 4:57 pm, alarm, 16 Paugussett Road, Sandy Hook responded; 5 pm, motor vehicle accident, intersection of Sugar Street and Key Rock Road, Dodgingtown responded; 6:16 pm, odor of gas indoors, 67 High Rock Road, Botsford responded.

Thursday, November 24: 7:28 am, alarm, 34 Taunton Hill Road, Hawleyville responded; 3:21 pm, alarm, 115 Church Hill Road, Sandy Hook and Hook & Ladder responded.

Friday, November 25: 9:42 am, medical assist, Sunny View Terrace, Sandy Hook responded; 10:50 am, alarm, 2 Shut Road, Dodgingtown responded; 6 pm, investigation, 8 Silver Brook Lane, Botsford responded.

Saturday, November 26: 8:36 am, motor vehicle accident, near 151 South Main Street, Botsford responded; 10:12 am, alarm, 16 Quarry Ridge Road, Sandy Hook responded; 12:31 pm, motor vehicle accident, near 57 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook responded; 7:06 pm, motor vehicle accident, Bennetts Bridge Road near Jeremiah Road, Sandy Hook responded.

Sunday, November 27: 1 am, initial report of a structure fire which was actually a furnace problem, 14 Serene Way, Sandy Hook, Botsford, Dodgingtown, and Hook & Ladder responded; 9:37 am, medical assist, Botsford Hill Road, Botsford responded; 12:09 pm, public service, 15 Rowledge Pond Road, Botsford responded; 1:03 pm, illegal burn/outdoor fire, near 39 Swamp Road, Botsford responded; 1:41 pm, medical assist, Mt Pleasant Road, Hawleyville responded; 2:01 pm, vehicle fire, near 13 Lazybrook Road, Botsford responded (see photo with this post).

Monday, November 28: 1:26 am, medical assist, Elana Lane, Sandy Hook responded; 9:09 am, medical assist, Echo Valley Road, Hook & Ladder responded; 9:58 am, public service, 92 Church Hill Road, Sandy Hook responded; 12:02 pm, alarm, 59 Scudder Road, Dodgingtown responded; 4:08 pm, alarm, 11 Brandywine Lane, Sandy Hook responded; 8:37 pm, medical assist, Winter Ridge Road, Sandy Hook responded.

Tuesday, November 29: 12:40 pm, initial report of a structure fire which was actually a malfunctioning light switch, 35 Buttonball Drive, Sandy Hook, Botsford, Hawleyville, and Hook & Ladder responded; 1 pm, wires down, near 9 Grays Plain Road, Sandy Hook responded; 1:49 pm, vehicle fire, I-84, Hawleyville and Hook & Ladder responded; 2:02 pm, odor of gas indoors, 23 Barnabas Road, Hawleyville and Hook & Ladder responded; 2:49 pm, motor vehicle accident, near 17 Oakview Road, Sandy Hook responded; 3:22 pm, alarm, 5 Queen Street, Hook & Ladder responded; 5:11 pm, hazardous condition, near intersection of Mt Pleasant Road and The Old Road, Hook & Ladder responded; 6:03 pm, medical assist, Bresson Farm Road, Sandy Hook responded.

Wednesday, November 30: 8:24 am, motor vehicle accident, I-84, Hawleyville, Sandy Hook, and Hook & Ladder responded; 9:57 am, medical assist, Huntingtown Road, Botsford responded; 2:33 pm, motor vehicle accident, I-84, Sandy Hook responded; 6:18 pm, medical assist, Elizabeth Circle, Sandy Hook responded; 10 pm, wires down, near 5 Pebble Road, Botsford responded.

A Botsford Fire Rescue firefighter sprays water on the engine of a classic 1969 Ford Mustang Cobra that was destroyed by an accidental fire at a residential property on Lazybrook Road at about 2 pm on Sunday, November 27. There were no injuries in the incident. An equipment malfunction caused the engine to ignite, according to Acting Fire Marshal Rich Frampton. (Botsford Fire Rescue photo)
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