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A Development Opportunity At Fairfield Hills



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To the Editor:

The Chamber of Commerce of Newtown is pleased that the Fairfield Hills Design District Zoning Regulations are under review for considering mixed-use. Your Chamber of Commerce supports regulations that would expand the use of newly constructed and renovated facilities that include commercial and residential use of buildings at Fairfield Hills. We believe that mixed-use would be a powerful step in the right direction for attracting new retail development in that area. Changing the regulations is only the beginning, but a critical first step that effectively will send an invitation to major developers to look at Fairfield Hills as a viable business opportunity.

Developers are no longer building speculative retail and commercial facilities hoping for an investment return. They need assurance from the community that new retail facilities will be accompanied by residential density. Fairfield Hills provides this great opportunity for Newtown, and the benefits to our wonderful town are numerous: enhancing the tax base, increasing services and residential facilities for residents, and fostering a healthier business environment. Businesses like to cluster together, especially when they can create synergies with each other, as witnessed by most of the business district clusters in town. This would create another business district in Newtown, while retaining the prestigious location’s priceless environmental beauty.

Let’s keep a positive and open mind about encouraging development of only 20 acres planned for an economic zone of the 185 open space acres at Fairfield Hills.  Let’s open our creative minds and hearts, and send an invitation to developers in Connecticut to look at Fairfield Hills, as a legitimate investment and development opportunity. We believe this will serve our long term best interests for the town, financially, and will enhance even more greatly the many benefits we shall continue to enjoy at Fairfield Hills for years to come.

Tim Haas


Chamber of Commerce of Newtown, Inc.

PO Box 314, Newtown              December 2, 2014

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