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A Runner In A Running Town



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To the Editor:

I run. And thanks to a really supportive family, I run a lot. If the best way to get to know a town is to spend time on its streets, then I’ve gotten a pretty thorough introduction in our first year as Newtown residents. I just wanted to write, that as a running town, Newtown is fantastic. The Newtown Road Race Series (which includes the Rooster Run, Road Race, and Turkey Trot) were three of the best organized races I ran all year. Thank you to the race directors, Mark Gerace, Steve Meeker, Jen Reilly, their committees, all the hardworking volunteers and the town for putting together a really memorable and fun series of races. I’ve raced all over this state, and each of the Newtown races was done as well or better than any other. Race organizers probably don’t hear it enough from runners, so, thank you again.

It’s also really encouraging to know I’m not running alone. Just over 800 Newtowners participated in at least one of the series events (including 35 in all three, and 145 in at least two!). Adding the Sandy Hook 5k from March, almost 1,100 unique Newtown residents (about four percent of the town) ran a race on our streets. Runners ranged in age from 4 to 79, with nearly a third 18 or younger. Those numbers are signs of an amazingly supportive, enthusiastic and healthy community.

So, even in a town where it seems every other road has “Hill” in its name, I’m really happy to be part of this community, and look forward to more great running and racing in Newtown next year.

Kevin Boughan

34 Woodbine Lane, Sandy Hook             December 2, 2014

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