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Remembering A Lifelong Train Lover



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To the Editor:

Every now and then, articles or announcements in two very different sections of The Newtown Bee seem to echo one another. For example, there may be a story about an individual in the sports section and his or her name will, again, pop up in a school, news or religion piece.

In the November 26 edition, there was featured a very fine article titled “ ‘All Aboard’ For The Resurgence, Nostalgia of Modern Trains.” It took us through some of the history of the model train store, owned by Alan Bray, located in Brookfield as well as Mr. Bray’s own childhood interest and love for trains.

I think that many of us can relate to this gentleman’s thoughts and feelings about the trains of our childhood but I wouldn’t venture to bet that anyone in Connecticut had ever reached the pinnacle of train interest than a long-time Newtown citizen, friend and grammar school classmate. I mention this fact, here, because Peter Connors McLachlan was cited on the Obituary page of the Bee in this very same paper.

When Peter attended our first class reunion from St Peter School, in Danbury, in September, 1994, he greeted all of his fellow students with the words: “When you last saw me, forty-two years earlier, I was playing with trains. I still am!” And visiting his home on School House Dr., anyone would appreciate his never-ending affection for trains.

I remember that he once told me that he had travelled on every main line railway in the United States. He had completed this feat either as an Engineer or an ordinary passenger. His friends at the Railway Museum, in Danbury, could give us more up-to-date information as he had donated much of his memorabilia there and elsewhere.

Peter continued to attend reunions with some of his longest-time friends. We will hold him up in prayer and happy memory, each time that we gather.

Be at peace, Peter, ‘til we meet again.

Reverend Leo McIlrath, Chaplain

The Lutheran Home of Southbury

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