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Salvation Army Bell Ringers Needed



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The Newtown/Bethel Chapter of Salvation Army has undertaken the annual Kettle Campaign for more than 30 years, accepting donations that range from children's pennies to checks of $100. Ten percent of money collected goes to Salvation Army headquarters in Hartford, and the remaining 90 percent stays in Newtown, to help residents in need.

Newtown members of the Salvation Army have a few openings available for residents interesting in volunteering for the 2015 Salvation Army Kettle Campaign, scheduled to take place over two weekends in December.

Families, couples, and individuals are all welcome to volunteer.

As of December 2, openings to ring bells, in one hour slots, are as follows: Saturday, December 12, beginnings at 12 and 2 pm at Walgreens., 49 South Main Street; 3 pm at Stop & Shop, 228 South Main Street; and 1 and 3 pm at Yankee Wine& Spirits, 6 Queen Street.

On Friday, December 18, there are openings for the north entrance of Stop & Shop at 7 pm; and the north entrance at 4, 6 and 7 pm; and at Walgreens beginning at 5, 6 and 7 pm.

For Saturday, December 19, there are openings at Stop & Shop, both entrances, for the 3 o’clock hour; and at Walgreens at noon and 3 pm.

To volunteer, contact Anna Wiedemann at aroosterw@yahoo.com or 203-417-3004.

A handful of openings remain for local residents interesting in spending one hour ringing a bell to solicit donations for the local Salvation Army chapter.
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