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There Are Better Places For A Military Base



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There Are Better Places

For A Military Base

To the Editor:

I am deeply concerned about the current proposals for a military site in central Newtown. Neither the Fairfield Hills property nor the “Tech Park” location along Deep Brook are appropriate places for a new military installation.

Fairfield Hills just came into our portfolio of special places. Many enjoy the stroll around the property that includes the panorama afforded by the High Meadow. To consider sending this land back under the control of an external agency is foolish. Not only are there many voices against development along Deep Brook, but the military would not be subject to the rules and regulations that are needed to guard this special resource.

As indicated in last week’s article, there are several brownfield sites in town that would be ideal locations for such development. The two large parcels on High Bridge Road and Botsford Hill Road are unused and provide easy access to Route 25. I’d like to see this installation come to town. It would mean more people working h ere and visiting local businesses. But let’s be smart about where this facility is located. We should not be sacrificing our natural resources for this activity.

Stephen Zakur

32 Lyrical Lane, Sandy Hook                                November 29, 2008

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