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Cultural Events

Multiple Groups Collaborating For New Family Event At Fairfield Hills



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Two active horse organizations in Newtown are collaborating with Town officials and a local service organization to bring a Jingle Bell Horse Parade to Fairfield Hills this month.

Newtown Bridle Lands Association (NBLA) and The Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard (2GHG) invite the public to join them for the free family event on Sunday, December 12, at Fairfield Hills.

The full event will run from 11 am until 1 pm.

2GHG riders will be in full uniform and NBLA riders will be sporting holiday garb, as will their mounts. The group will depart from the Horse Guard headquarters on Wildlife Drive, arriving at the Fairfield Hills campus for 11:30. After parading throughout the campus, they will gather around the green off Keating Farms Avenue, where the farmers market is presented.

There, all will be invited to sing carols and meet the riders and many of the horses.

There is no fee, but donations of nonperishable food items and sundries is requested. The collection is organized by Friends of Newtown Seniors (FONS) Chore Services for the benefit of FAITH Food Pantry.

Cash donations for FONS Chore Services will also be gratefully accepted.

2GHG Second Lieutenant and Public Relations Officer Marion Lynott said it has been “wonderful” to work with NBLA President Tracy Van Buskirk, FONS Chore Services Coordinator Beverly Bennett Schaedler, and Town of Newtown Human Services Director Natalie Jackson in creating and planning the new event. One of 2GHG’s goals, she said, “is to get out into the local community and to be more visible in the coming year.

“We want the people of Newtown and surrounding areas to know about the Horse Guard and this amazing historical treasure they have in their community,” Lynott added. “Meeting Beverly from Friends of Newtown Seniors (FONS), and helping raise donations for their Chore Services program, was the perfect way to give back, and we hope to continue partnering with these great organizations in the coming years. I’d love to see this become an annual event which grows more successful each year.”

Lynott mentioned 2GHG is currently seeking recruits for its upcoming 2022 Recruit Class. Anyone interested is invited to contact 2GHG First Sergeant Farina at 203-746-6080 for more details.

For additional information about FONS Chore Services, visit friendsofnewtownseniors.org, then click on Current Initiative, and then Chore Service Program.

To see a list of specific requests from FAITH Food Pantry visit newtownfoodpantry.org and click on Donations.

Visit facebook.com/F2GHG for additional information about the Jingle Bell Ride and the Horse Guard.

Multiple groups are collaborating on a new family event to be presented this month at Fairfield Hills. From left is Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard Lt Colonel Gordon Johnson, Newtown Bridle Lands Association President Tracy Van Buskirk, Town of Newtown Human Services Director Natalie Jackson, FONS Chore Services Coordinator Beverly Bennet Schaedler, and 2GHG Second Lieutenant and Public Relations Officer Marion Lynott, who had a meeting at 2GHG headquarters this week to confirm plans for a Jingle Bell Horse Parade. —Bee Photo, Hicks
Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard riders and horses stand together at Fairfield Hills. The all-volunteer state organized group will be one of two equine-based organizations participating on December 12 in Jingle Bell Jam. —photo courtesy 2GHG
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